About Me

What on Earth is A Creative Jack of All Trades Anyway?

Born and raised in a small town in the deep forests of Småland, maybe it's no surprise that my imagination ran wild even from young age.


I've been told that I've been drawing ever since I could hold a pen in my hand, although at the time my quite expressive artwork over the walls at home wasn't much appreciated... And as for stories, I've been telling them since I could comprehend a coherent sentence. More often than not, telling anyone who wanted to listen about magical fairies who live in the forest.


Nowadays, I live in Karlskrona with two roomies by the south-east coast of Blekinge. I moved here after my graduation at Blekinge Technical University, taking a Bachelor Degree in Game Design off in Karlshamn... But age and level of maturity (for the most part, either way) aside, I'm much the same person I was then, who would sit outside, draw and sing as I tell my friends about fairies.

I live for my creative outlets, for watching ideas formed inside my head bloom and turn into something you can touch as I write and draw it down, and even more - to watch others reactions as they are allowed to take part... Watching as those around me grow along with me and how I can affect them.


I want to create things with a meaning. Things that influence people.


Whether that means making them smile on a bad day, or making their mind blow up with thoughts, imagination and (or) ideas...

Creative Jack of All Trades?

I'm still trying to figure out exactly what that means myself too.


What I do know is, that there's many things I want to and CAN do, (not to mention all the things I want to learn to do), and I'm not about to settle for just one of them.