Cemetery Locked

The spookiest board game...


Back during my time in university, me and my classmates would spend many late nights at campus, working or at times just hanging out... Which was all nice, except the fastest way back home to the students apartment was through a unlit cemetary that took a good few minutes walking through.

When moving through an eerily quiet place such as a dark cemetery at night, the only source of light being that of your phone that's about to run out of batteries I'm sure you can imagine the way it makes your imagination react.

Cemetery Locked was one of my projects during my studies at Blekinge Technical Institute, originally worked on with two other students, but ultimately I was the one who finalised the first beta version of the game.

This is a game where you don't try to beat your fellow players, but rather work together as a team to beat the game itself. You move your token across the game plan, flipping small bricks trying to find a key that allows you to escape the cemetery together all while doing your best to survive as the different action cards force you into tricy situations.


But it's not just any game with simply a ghostly theme. With this project, I wanted to play with all senses. 

When playing the game, you sit in a dark room with the only light source being a lantern in the middle of the game board, and a torch light that's passed from one player to another as they take turns. In the background, a soundtrack is constantly playing to intensify the experience and set the mood to the setting, but it also has a mechanic in the game as the players must listen for certain noises as they signal for actions that must be played out.

When letting people test the early prototype of the game, the funniest part was to watch how the players would tens up and listen for noises, their reactions to the things that played out mixed with the nervous laughters and excitement.

One day, I'm hoping to rework this project into something finalised that can be published.

If you're interested in playing the prototype, sponsoring the development or potentially even help me work on it, feel free to contact me!