On a stormy night, Saga's life is turned upside down as bandits break into her home looking for something, and her grandfather who's the only family she knows is killed.

With his dying breath, he gives her the location of a mysterious book, asking her not to open it... But curiosity takes over the heartbroken child as the book itself seem to call out to her...

Saga and The Missing Pages is a coming of age story of a young girl setting out to discover her past in a magical world.

Saga And The Missing Pages


You're taking the shortcut through the cemetery, when suddenly, the gates all close and lock themselves... Stuck in a sadistic game, you struggle together to find the key and escape!

Cemetery Locked is a horror themed board game, where you and your friends must work together in order to survive. In this game, you don't try to beat each other, you try to beat the game itself.

Cemetery Locked


All over the universe they’ve given birth to stories and legends of their kind, and whether they are real or not is often up for speculation. They are small and colorful, magical and adventurous, and they’ve been around since the beginning of time…


Commonly known as Space Fairies, these little guys have a lust for adventure and makes great travelling companions, are you lucky enough to befriend one.

Space Fairies

In this small game, you follow a young girl through a dreamlike and partially abstract landscape.

With barely any words spoken, the surroundings tells the story and asks you through the smallest details; Who is she? Why is she here? What happened?

The Path

New Canvas.png

A girl scared of trains and plagued by strange dreams, a mysterious train that never stops - until one day it does, a small girl crying...

What exactly happened that time eleven years ago when Train 1111 one day stopped in the small town Lilldala and everything changed?


Train 1111 is a ghost story told in experimental medium mixing games and comics.

Train 1111


It's a good time to be an adventurer in Trinforch. Spring has just begun and the heroes are attending the great Goldenleaf Spring Festival, when suddenly, something unexpected happens.

With no guards anywhere to be found, mixed in with the crowd, people in red cloak and mysterious masks reveal themselves. Meanwhile, their leader take the stage and starts chanting about a "Shadow Queen" who will return and rise to power once more... 


What will you do?

Return of The Shadow Queen is a work in progress module for Dungeons & Dragons 5E.

Return of The Shadow Queen