Return of

The Shadow Queen

A module for Dungeons & Dragons 5:th Edition


“Joyful music and laughter fills the streets of Goldenleaf... The sweet sweet smell of roasted almonds, candied apples and some freshly baked waffles, all topped with maple syrup and cream... It’s enough to make the mouths of any living soul in the area water with delight.

Finally, the cold winter winds have released their grip of Trinforch, and for the citizens of Goldenleaf that means but one thing: The Spring Festival is finally here. And what a festival it is… 

Ah, I’m sure you’ve heard of it, The famous Goldenleaf Spring Festival. Why, of course you have, everyone has. Except some hermits, perhaps, but none of you are hermits, are you? No? Good. You see, some folks in Trinchforch even travel for days and weeks just to partake after all…

The songs, the dance, the food, the great bonfire, the drinking! And most importantly; the many tournaments and games.

We have horse racing, giant boar rodeo, archery, arm wrestling, log tossing, barrel race, and so much more! So come on, come along, the day is still young, and the festival have just begun… 

Say, what will you do?”

- Introductive flavor text of the first scene in Return of The Shadow Queen; "The Goldenleaf Spring Festival".

It's a good time to be an adventurer in Trinforch. Spring has just begun and our heroes are attending the great Goldenleaf Spring Festival, when suddenly, something unexpected happens.

Mixed in with the crowd, people in red cloak and mysterious masks reveal themselves as their leader take the stage and starts chanting about a "Shadow Queen" who will return and rise to power once more...

The adventure begin as the heroes find a strange map in the pocket of the leader after an epic battle, leading them to an old temple. 


Little did they know, this was all part of a greater plan, greater than they ever knew...

An Epic Story in An Epic Setting

The adventure takes place in Trinforch, a part of a continent split in three countries - Sylvauria, the land of the elves, Austea, the land of humans, and finally Bhigdhir, the land of dwarves.


It's designed to be a classical epic high fantasy type setting. Each town and village has its own personality, purpose and quests to lead up to the greater plot points.

This work is the result of many years of love for storytelling, fantasy and roleplaying, and something I'm doing mostly for myself. 

One day, I hope to be able to publish Return of The Shadow Queen as a module to share with other enthusiasts.