Space Fairies

Cosmic Fae - Stardust Pixes - Colorful Tricksters

"All over the universe they’ve given birth to stories and legends of their kind, and whether they are real or not is often up for speculation. They are small and colorful, magical and adventurous, and they’ve been around since the beginning of time…

Commonly known as Space Fairies, these little guys have a lust for adventure and makes great travelling companions, are you lucky enough to befriend one."

An Alien Concept


Space Fairies were created and designed as part of a personal project and exercise in design and writing. I've always adored fairies, pixies and the many legends surrounding them, and thought it'd be fun to twist it into an alien species.

The result was these colorful and playful little beings, that soon won the heart of several of my friends as well as some people I don't even know.


They each wanted their own little space fairy!

As a result, now and then, I design a batch of "fairy eggs" (or space rocks), that I sell. Then, over time, these will "evolve" to hatch into space fairies.

You can read more about them on my space fairy blog, linked below.