The Path

A study of Visual Storytelling

It was early in the summer of 2015. Me and my good friend and classmate, Kyle Thorburn, sat in an mostly abandoned campus working on our Bachelor Degree Essay. 


The sun was shining relentlessly from a clear sky, teasing us for being forced to stay inside and work... Yet there we were, pouring our love, sweat, energy and tears into our creation. Nothing could stop us... 

The aim with our study was to explore and gain insight into how one can tell a game-character's story through Environmental Storytelling.

The result: a heavily atmospheric experience. An interactive Point-And-Click type game, or visual story, in which you follow a young girl on her journey through a beautiful, dreamlike landscape, though, as you soon will notice when playing, there is a darker shade just under the surface.

When working on The Path, I wrote the script, made the graphics and most of the in-game design, while my work partner focused on the programming and timing. While it's been a while, the project has aged well, and is something I still feel a great pride for when I look back.

You can play the game online on (you need a pc and a mouse with a scroller wheel), and read the study (in Swedish). Check the links below!