Train 1111

You can't hide from yourself and your past forever...

A girl scared of trains and plagued by strange dreams, a mysterious train that never stops - until one day it does, a small girl crying...

What exactly happened that time eleven years ago when Train 1111 one day stopped in the small town Lilldala and everything changed?

Train 1111 is a psychological ghost story about Fay, a girl from a small (fictional) town in the deep woods of Sweden who like many moved away to study. For many years, she avoided ever visiting home outside of times when she absolutely had to during holidays, often blaming the inconvenient route she'd need to travel as she can't take the train because of a strange phobia she's had since she was a kid... But truth is, there's more things keeping her away.

Then, one day, a cryptid dream she's not had since she moved starts plague her once more, which alongside a tragedy back home forces her to once again return to her hometown.

To finally confront her fears, her past, and the things she's long forgotten...

Experimental Media

I'm hoping to tell the story of Fay and Train 1111 through the mixed elements of comic-inspired illustrations, simple animations and games. It's a branching story with more than one possible ending. 

Prototype - Prologue

For now, there is a simple prototype that I put together of the prologue when I first got the idea for the concept. It is put together to test the atmosphere I want the story and game to have. If you're interested, you can look at it following the link below! It's in the shape of a google docs presentation, so I'd recommend you look from a computer.